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Hvad får unge til at blive i Kirken?

Mange unge forlader Kirken – eller holder i hvert fald op med at praktisere – så snart de flytter hjemmefra. I Danmark vel nærmest så snart de er firmet. Men hvad får de unge, der bliver, til at blive? Det spørgsmål har Biskop Robert Farron på vegne af den amerikanske biskekonference netop behandlet bl.a. gennem et åbent survey på Facebook. Langt over halvdelen af de 1200 svar taler om den traditionelle latinske messe. Nedenfor vises de (pt.) nyeste svar, der er ret repræsentative for resten (som kan ses vha. ovst. link). Nok stof til eftertanke også for vores danske præster og biskop!

Emma Fox I’m 38 and a practicing Catholic. I stay because I know it is the one true faith. The reverence of the TLM is what encourages me as well as seeing so many young families with many children at Mass every week. I’m expecting my 6th child and I have one of the smaller families in our parish. My children prefer the Latin Mass to the NO and also prefer to receive the sacraments of penance and Holy Eucharist at our parish. There is much beauty in the TLM.

Sarah Ori After being introduced to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass by my boyfriend (now husband), I have changed careers from elementary music teacher to pursuing a Masters in Sacred Music. My heart burns with a desire to share the gift of our 1000+ year, distinctly Catholic musical heritage and reclaim such pieces for the context of the liturgy rather than a concert stage (where I have performed them in the past). Also, my husband and I drive 30 min to our parish that has EF (Extraordinary Form) as well as a beautiful and fittingly executed OF (Ordinary Form). We recently discovered there is a group of about 20 other young families from our area that do the same after having discovered the EF in the past few years. Our parish is growing, increasing primarily with young adults and young families. Seeing such care for the liturgy and learning more about the liturgy and our church’s treasures has made me an even more enthusiastic Catholic than ever before in my life.

Jessica McCormick The availability of the Traditional Mass (extraordinary form, as it is currently called), made me stay. There I found reverence, and a call to live every more deeply a life of sacrificial love, and to strive for Heaven daily.

BenjaminandKristi Becker Jessica McCormick exactly. Latin mass 100%

Christine Smith Discovering the Traditional Latin Mass, and learning about all the beautiful Traditional teachings of our Church is what has kept me a Catholic.